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Painting pottery is fun -- and easy, too. The hardest part is choosing something to paint from our amazing selection! Once you've picked a piece, it's smooth sailing. Here's what you do:

step 1Step 1

You can apply your design to your pottery in several different ways. You can paint directly on the surface or sketch your design with a pen or pencil depending on which studio you paint at.  All pen or pencil marks will burn off in the kiln and will not appear on the finished piece. Please consult our idea books, and try any of our stencils, stamps, sponges, or other techniques. Creative techniques may be demonstrated by any one of our  staff members.


step 2Step 2

If you've chosen to sketch your design first, the next step will be to apply the paint. All our paints are nontoxic and food-safe. And don't worry if you make a mess! Paints will wash out of clothes, and we'll take care of clean up for you! Since we over-glaze all your artwork, any blank spaces will be shiny and white.


step 3Step 3

This is where we take over! We dip your piece into a clear glaze for firing. Then, your piece is fired at 1800 degrees in our kiln.  The only thing you'll need to do is be patient -- we have a seven-day turnaround on most items.


step 4Step 4

Once the piece has been fired, the glazes you applied will take on a new depth and luster. Come in with your receipt to pick up your piece. Then take it home and enjoy your creation!

Pieces are typically ready for pick up in 7 days.  The pick up time for parties is 10 days.  Pieces can be rushed for a $5.00 per piece fee.  The fastest we can rush an item is 3 days, but always check if the manager can do so.