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Our Corporate Events

An All Fired Up Party is very different from the same old office party!

Have your next company outing with us.  Great for Companies Large or Small • Law Firms • Non-Profit Organizations

With a warm atmosphere and great background music, each person can be creative regardless of his or her age or artistic skills. The Wall Street Journal reported that such parties at contemporary ceramic studios are big hits, as they encourage staff & department interaction within a relaxing atmosphere. Companies are always searching for something new to do for parties -- and a ceramic studio session fits the bill.

One of the most popular items to paint are mugs (now everyone will know who left their dirty cup in the sink!). If not a mug, All Fired Up offers over 150 items to choose from. For your party, we can offer you a single per person price for the event, or people can select their own pottery at various price points. 

Also, you are welcome to bring in any food you like!

How it works:

You will need to make a reservation for your group, there is a $25 reservation fee for groups of 12 or more to reserve space.  Before the event, you can pre-select pieces for your group, or people can pick pieces from the shelves when they arrive.  Once everyone has chosen their pieces and been seated at their table, a staff person will explain the whole painting process.  We will label your pieces with initials and a group symbol.  After glazing and firing, your pieces will be wrapped and labled for easy distribution.  It's a 10 day turn around time for large groups.  We will also call you when your items are ready for pick up.  Your cost will only be the pottery that gets painted. 

Rent the Studio!

In addition, you can reserve the entire studio for your very own private party; anyone--from groups such as non-profits, law firms, government organizations, private businesses, to individuals looking for a private space to create and have fun--may rent the studio! You can bring any outside food you like. Whether it's an employee/family event or staff appreciation day, we will give your group an enjoyable, creative experience.

*note: We require a 3 week min, advance notice to guarantee space availability.

Studio Rental Fees and Times:

1.  Reservation Fee: $65

            This is non-refundable and is paid at the time of reservation.

2.  Studio Rental: $450.00

3.  Cost of pottery not included in party rental fee.

You would have 2 hours time slot, more time is allotted for a pro-rated fee
Rental Times: 

Saturday:  9:00am-11:00am. OR 7:00pm-9:00pm

Sunday:  9:00am-11:00am OR 5:00pm-7:00pm

PLEASE NOTE:  We only do 2 rentals per month on the weekend and only one per weekend.  Rentals during the week are flexible.  Studio Rentals CAN NOT receive weekly special discounts if the rental is scheduled during those time.


55 people-Bethesda Studio

45 people-Cleveland Park Studio

Call for more details!